Amazon Seller For Android


The description of Amazon Seller App

Amazon Seller lets you manage your Amazon company while on the go! Perform sales analysis, order fulfilment, product research, offer management, inventory control, and prompt customer service. Right from your mobile device, you can take and edit high-quality product images and make listings!

Amazon Seller Registration: How to Create a Seller Account in 2022

The Amazon Seller app helps you:

• Examine your sales data. To examine a breakdown of sales by ASIN on the sales chart, tap a bar, and then tap an ASIN to observe its sales trend.
• Address serious problems. Take advantage of Amazon Selling Coach’s inventory alerts, growth chances, and important price opportunities as soon as possible.
• Take care of your stock. Update your pricing and stock levels without difficulty.
• Have access to sponsored goods. Track results and oversee ongoing Sponsored Products initiatives.
• Control your order flow. Receive a notification when your item sells. Verify shipping and see your pending orders.
• Control your tax returns. Change return settings, authorise or close returns, and issue refunds.
• Check the balance for the subsequent payment. Find out when and how much Amazon will pay you.

Amazon Seller Account Registration Process (Step-By-Step)

• Answer messages. The numbers that are displayed next to Communications let you know how many customer messages still need to be answered. Utilize editable email templates to respond to typical client questions even faster.
• Use the Photo Studio to take and edit product images of the highest calibre.
• Create fresh offers for products that are already on the market and new catalogue items to sell on Amazon.

•Search using visual image matching, word search, or bar code scanning. Verify the most recent pricing, sales ranking, rival offers, predicted profitability, and customer testimonials.
• Share the app with your employees to focus more on your company. The app follows the user permissions defined in Seller Central.
• Do you have a query regarding selling on Amazon? To speak with Seller Support, use the app.

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