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On January 14, Rovio Entertainment Corporation soft-launched Angry Birds Journey, a brand-new video game. The popularity of the video game Angry Birds has been linked to the extremely well-known company Rovio. The game was so popular that several spinoffs have been produced subsequently. Several games have been released in various genres with Red, Chuck, Bomb, and their buddiesew

Angry Birds Journey (MOD, Unlimited Heart) ***

Slingshot is just the beginning; platform games, chess, soccer, and other games were also created at that time. In addition, definitely, the two pictures, The Angry Birds Movie 1 and 2, have made the public no less thrilled. Twelve years after the Birds’ initial appearance on screen, Rovio has taken a new step in their growth with the release of Angry Birds Journey.


Angry Birds Journey (MOD, Unlimited Heart) ***

The gameplay of the game stays the same as in previous versions: this is a slingshot game that involves shattering the opponent’s battlefield. In addition to taking down enemy bases, players also have to free captives who are caged or frozen in place. Additionally, malicious Piggies will manifest. Players must accomplish the objectives at each level in order to advance. For instance, the player must successfully free all hostages or eliminate at least 5 Piggies. There won’t be as many attacks, so choose your battles carefully.

Angry Birds Journey (MOD, Unlimited Heart) ***


The Angry Birds franchise, featuring Red, Chuck, Bomb, and their buddies, is still the focus of Angry Birds Journey. Rovio claims that this time around, a few new buddies will be there. Let’s see and wait and see who they are. Our former buddies will continue to have special superpowers that are exclusive to each person. Due to the fact that each level will need a different approach from the players, this is also what determines how the game will be played.

Angry Birds Journey (MOD, Unlimited Heart) ***

Each character will become available after the player has reached a particular level. The first character the player will encounter is Chuck, a swift bird with yellow feathers. He may easily overcome blocks from the side in this game. The bomb still retains its explosive power when, immediately after landing, he will explode and attack everything around him. Silver, who attacks most frequently from the top, will be slightly the opposite of Chuck. When Stella lands, she will attack the neighbouring blocks by sucking them toward her and then detonating them. Red will always have the most distinctive power in the game because of his ability to bounce.


Angry Birds Journey (MOD, Unlimited Heart) ***

Rovio’s graphics have significantly improved after more than ten years of development. Angry Birds Journey boasts a crisp frame like the most famous 3D games nowadays. required players to assault it simultaneously. The player will move on to the next stage right away after finishing one.The app is now rolling out in a limited number of areas, including the USA, Sweden, Canada, Finland, Denmark, and Poland. Download and join us on this adventure to learn more about it.

Retrieve the eggs once more

In the free puzzle game Angry Birds Journey for mobile devices, you must rescue priceless treasures from sworn enemies. features iconic playable characters, as well, and offers several exciting stages that you may challenge—with distinct additional goals to fulfil to gain extra prizes.

Same-old fun with new twists

This franchise, which debuted in 2009 with the casual puzzle game Angry Birds Classic, centres on colourful birds that fight to protect their eggs from their foes, pigs with a green hue.It also gave rise to other spin-offs with varied gameplay.But in Angry Birds Journey, we go back to the simple and enjoyable slingshot gameplay.Simply pull back on the character riding the slingshot and carefully aim to begin your siege against the opponent’s shoddy tower. Each of them has different power-ups to offer you.

You need to aim and strike the pigs within a defined number of movements and finally move on to the next level. It’s necessary to aim properly with the current character because you must also contend with various types of bricks and barriers, but some of their landing animations can be disappointing when compared to those in the original game. Aside from the pigs, you will encounter challenges affecting hatchlings and fireflies in need of rescue.

Nothing beats the classic

All in all, Angry Birds Journey is a fantastic homage to the series’ original, timeless titles. While the explosive hitting animations that made Angry Birds Classic so excellent may seem a little rough around the edges, it’s still a huge improvement over the earlier games that didn’t even have this slingshot-based action. This is a wonderful choice to check out if you want something that is similar to the first games.


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