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Google Input Tools is a great browser add-on that enables you to build virtual keyboard layouts in a variety of languages. This extension enables you to communicate online in a variety of regional languages with compatibility for more than 90 languages. The tool also saves a customised dictionary with unusual words, phrases, and names and memorises them. Google Input Tools, as opposed to Google Translate, allow you to transmit messages in various slang and dialects.

 Download Google Input Tools

Download Google Input Tools

Easily customizable and simple to use!

The initial release of Google Input Tools only supported a few languages. The extension’s growing functionality and popularity have inspired its creators to regularly add more languages. The extension is compatible with several Google services, Windows versions 11 and 10, Android devices, and Chrome, albeit it performs best with Chrome. You can browse the internet in whatever language you like with the help of this plugin.

On both Windows and Android devices, online and offline use of the extension is possible. It makes your life easier, whether you want to communicate with strangers in different languages or send emails to business clients in their native tongue, because it has a straightforward and clear layout. A great option for a communication tool is Google Input Tools.

How to set up Google Input Tools?

The addon is simple to set up and operate. The Google Input Tools configuration has a lot of capabilities and is easier to use than similar tools like Got and Dictionary.NET. The length of time needed to configure the extension depends on the language and keyboard layout you pick. You must select the language by clicking the “extension” icon in the browser, then begin typing in that language.

You can use a virtual keyboard, choose English, Hindi, Marathi, or another major language, and even draw in a box to identify handwriting using Google Input Tools, depending on your preferences. This plugin is ideal for those who want to speak in different languages while working, browsing, or chatting online.

How to use Google Input Tools?

Google Input Tools is a Chrome extension, as was already described. With a keyboard layout on the screen, you can type in more than 90 different languages. As a result, you can easily use any language to access the internet. Install the Windows version of the extension, then select Add Languages from the extension’s settings to begin using it on Chrome.

 Google Input Tools for Windows download
Google Input Tools for Windows download

A keyboard layout will show up on the screen once you’ve chosen a language. You are able to add numerous languages and keyboard layouts with just a double-click. After making the modifications, a left-click on the Google Input Tools extension will immediately bring up the on-screen keyboard.

The linked keyboard on your computer functions similarly to the on-screen keyboard. Actually, Google Input Tools also allow you to utilise an actual keyboard. However, it’s preferable to use the virtual keyboard created for each language since each has a different set of characters.

Easy to install and use

One of the most user-friendly extensions in this group, Google Input Tools is supported by the tech behemoth. The tool adds a new icon to your browser’s interface using a straightforward UI. You may access a variety of features by using the drop-down menu that appears when you click the symbol. You can also swap between your favourite languages using this.

Downloading Google Input Tools gives you three distinct ways to enter text. In the first, you can use a keyboard to enter material. When using this technique, you can see an on-screen keyboard that shows the key layout in a certain language. You can swiftly compose a sentence thanks to the intuitive layout and the clear display of all the icons.

Similar to the first way of text entry is the second. Since it offers potential sentences and words, it only applies to some languages. The ideas come in a variety of forms and numbers, depending on how long your phrase or sentence is. In the end, you can have a lengthy list of recommendations. It aids in your understanding of the significant amount of time and work invested in creating Google Input Tools.

Most people undoubtedly prefer and use the third method. You can use a pencil tool to type using this approach. You can draw an alphabet or letter in the text field. As soon as the tool recognises text, it begins to show words on the screen. Long words can’t be used as much using Google Input Tools because you can’t resize the writing window.

How many languages are supported?

Over 90 languages are supported by Google Input Tools, and the library is being expanded. As a result, the plugin enables you to type in a variety of international languages. No matter where you are or what device you are using, Google Input Tools are easy to use and trouble-free.

You can add or delete languages with a few clicks from the “Options” section. As was already said, the programme offers a wide variety of languages for you to select from. With so many alternatives, a sizable portion of the population has found the instrument to be highly appealing.

You can easily and practically write in any language of your choice by downloading Google Input Tools. It is compatible with several Google Tools & Services, like Google Drive, Gmail, and YouTube, because it runs on a variety of devices.

An excellent choice for your PC!

You can enter text in any language you choose using Google Input Tools for Windows. People from various nations and occupations use the extension because it supports multiple languages. Because of the tool’s straightforward UI, even beginners may use it right away. Additionally, it is simple to switch between languages, which can save you a lot of time when communicating with others from various cultures.

Google Input Tools is a significantly better option for translations and interlanguage communication than Fried Babelfish, QTranslate, and other comparable programmes. You can use Google Input Tools for Hindi, Marathi, and a number of other languages.

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