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 HixPro Browser APK for Android
HixPro Browser APK for Android

Suma GPC created the HixPro Browser, a lightweight web browser. The program safeguards your surfing behavior on any websites, including those outside of your region, using its built-in cloud proxy. The proxy server collaborates with the HTTP compressor to increase each website’s loading speed and bandwidth utilization. This browser was created with JavaScript or JS code, allowing it to work with the aforementioned rendering engines. In that, it supports Flash, anonymous browsing, and customization, the HixPro browser is identical to the Google Chrome browser. This will make it easier for Chrome users to switch to HixPro.

Fast and safe browsing

Hix: Proxy Browser is a small but powerful browser that only takes up 13 MB. It protects your online activity and personal information from internet snoops and hackers. This is made feasible by the cloud-based proxy server, which automatically encrypts web traffic to and from the database using a transport layer security and advanced encryption mechanism. The proxy also validates the certificates needed to verify the identities of the client and server. With the cloud proxy, you can use region-specific search engines like Yandex and Baidu.

Yes, it’s fine for most people most of the time. If you don’t care about the sites you visit have a little extra information about you, no big deal. Even if you used a VPN, they could identify you via cookies, and even if you block cookies, there’s a 99% chance they could still identify you based on the characteristics of your device (if they really tried).

The vast majority of your traffic is protected by TLS) and certainly, anything interesting like banking and credit card information is. So the extra layer of encryption provided by the VPN is nice, but TLS is good enough for most purposes.

Don’t buy into the hype that public hotspots are particularly dangerous; again, TLS has you covered. Technically somebody could set up a man-in-the-middle attack, but if your device and browser are up-to-date, they’d need to get you to accept a bogus security certificate, which should cause you to sense something wrong, and will have your browser and/or operating system screaming warnings at you.

In some countries, such as Iran or China, a VPN is important and arguably necessary. But in most of the world, it’s nice to have, but realistically, doesn’t make you much safer.

Another circumstance where a VPN could be useful is certain forums where you might say something offensive and then be the target of a DDoS. But if you don’t go to such sites, and/or are careful what you say, no worries. Gamers sometimes take things way, way too seriously, so if you’re online gaming, you might need to watch what you do and say. But with gaming, you want low latency, so a VPN might be annoying.

For most stuff, you’d need to cover your tracks (Jihadist sites, buying drugs or stolen credit card numbers, etc.) you’d want to use Tor anyway. To be extra cautious, one might use a VPN most or all of the time, and only use Tor when needed. Doing this keeps your ISP from noticing your Tor usage, for what good it does.

Firstly, I’d ignore all the dogma-driven nonsense from respondees who say don’t use Edge use <insert another browser here>. They can’t get over the fact that Microsoft could release a great browser, after years of bad ones.

In terms of safe browsing, it rather depends on what you are doing, which sites you visit and what your intentions are. If it’s porn sites and other places where malware lurks, then you should be safe provided you don’t click things you shouldn’t and don’t download stuff. If you are intending to hack government sites then I doubt that the browser really matters. Brower is safe, ensure you have protection and use a VPN or proxy browser if you plan to engage in the unsafe activity.

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