imo free download apk

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A free communication app for everyone

imo free download apk
imo free download apk

This is the first dinosaur adve. Imo is a free chat and messaging programme for your PC that enables users to make and receive audio and video conversations as well as send and receive messages. You can connect with people no matter where they are or what they are doing thanks to the programme, which is compatible with the majority of mobile devices. nature you’ve ever had! Path of Titans is an open-world, 25+ dinosaur species, sandbox MMO adventure.

Stay in touch from your computer

Anyone seeking for an alternative to popular programmes like Skype might consider Imo. You may transmit photographs or any other form of file in addition to text messages, phone calls, and video calls. You’ll only be responsible for paying your internet fees.

The major challenge you’ll have in utilising this service is the likelihood that your buddies won’t be using it. There is also no proof that its encryption has been improved, despite the fact that it was previously known to draw attention to security vulnerabilities.

If your online safety isn’t an issue, this app has the advantage of being packed with essential features like the hidden discussion mode, groups, and cost-free stickers to use while expressing yourself. High-quality voice and video calls are available on Imo.

Calls and messages

imo free download apk
imo free download apk

Imo is a communication application that enables text messaging and audio or video conversations. Installing the Imo app on various devices enables you to use it instead of your normal phone service, even when using a computer.

You may arrange your contacts in the programme so that they all receive alerts of missed calls and texts as they happen. In a group situation, both voice and video calling options are accessible.

For all of your well-known messaging services in the past, the service served as a middleman. In the past, it was connected to Google Plus, Yahoo, Facebook, and Skype. The app is just your standard texting service now days because this unifying function is no longer available.

File sharing

You may send images or videos as attachments when messaging on Imo. With the capacity to send any form of file, this Imo file transfer mechanism works similarly to the one in Skype.

Free stickers

Using one of the numerous free stickers available on your Imo app, you can effortlessly express yourself during chat. It could function more effectively than your typical mobile device emotes with choices like this.

Is it safe?

When utilising an online service, especially one like Imo for PC, security is always a worry. When you sign up, the service, which has a bad record when it comes to user security, is likely to put your own account information at risk.

Imo is now encrypted to block unauthorised websites from accessing your info. It’s unclear if this encryption is as robust as the one WhatsApp employs, but given that the alternative is more widely used, it’s probable that Imo’s security isn’t as robust as WhatsApp’s.

There is no mention of account protection or voice or video call encryption in the terms of service for Imo. The programme is provided “as is” with no warranty and no responsibility for any unlucky circumstances that could affect your data.

Low popularity

Applications for social networking and communication, like Imo for Windows, cost over a dollar each. You probably won’t be able to persuade your pals to switch to Imo if they currently use WhatsApp or Skype.

Since they consume storage space and resources, managing many accounts or programmes, especially on your desktop, may be a pain. If you use Imo for foreign friends or connections, you should keep in mind that every country is unique and employs various apps.


Imo has privacy problems that extend beyond its security. “We may use Your Content in a number of different ways as authorised by our Privacy Policy… and enable others to do the same in connection with their own websites and media platforms,” the terms of service add.

Additionally, mobile advertising IDs are utilised, and your material is saved on their server. The latter is typical for websites and search engines, but this could be going too far.


Imo is renowned for its excellent voice and video calling capabilities. Comparing the display to a rival service like Discord is impossible. Not to mention that it is more convenient to use a webcam on a PC that is more powerful than your mobile device.

Data use across devices

Imo can function on practically any internet signal, whether you’re using a laptop or a desktop computer. Imo calls function on both modern and vintage devices that use networks ranging from 4G to as ancient as 2G.


imo free download apk
imo free download apk

You or your pals might not want to use Imo for communicating due to its security flaws. Fortunately, there are several viable options.

Another free cross-platform texting application is WhatsApp. Just validate the number you entered before using the app.

Discord is made for gamers and other socially-conscious users. You may use servers, make groups, and send private messages. Screen sharing and voice and video calls are both available.

Imo and Skype have a lot in common. Both audio and video group calls may be made with it, but an account is required. An additional function of Skype is the ability to utilise pre-paid credits to use the software like a standard mobile phone.

On the well-known social networking site, Facebook Messenger is a useful function. You may initiate a video or phone conversation, send text messages and a variety of files, and share Facebook updates.

Hanging up

Since this app’s overall quality is higher than that of its rivals, it makes a respectable choice for all everyday texting needs. Due to its lack of security, this application should not be used for personal or professional affairs.

Your privacy is not guaranteed, and a significant flaw has gone unresolved. Given that the app’s original potential to unite users is no longer available, you’re also unlikely to convince your pals to switch from their favourite applications.

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