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OLX opens up a world of free classified ads

The Internet is fantastic for classified advertisements, whether you need to clear out some clutter, discover a deal, or just shop around. Many consumers, however, never go past using eBay, despite the fact that there are other websites and applications that offer similar services, sometimes for less money. Similar to the classified advertisements in newspapers, it’s quite simple to locate items for sale or post your own advertisement using entertaining and free applications like OLX.

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Free access to great classifieds

OLX is available on a variety of platforms, but the Windows Store version is likely the strongest since it blends in so well with Windows Metro’s tiled design. With a mechanism somewhat similar to that of eBay or Gumtree, this app allows you access to numerous classified advertisement listings in several cities. Users may explore and buy or post goods for sale. For ease of searching, each advertisement includes a description, a photo when appropriate, a price, a location, and a category. Clicking on a location will compare it to your map app. The best part is that this app is perfect for sellers, even those who are on the road, because posting an ad there is completely free.

. If you have a tablet or a phone, you can also effortlessly import pictures of the items for sale from the camera on your device. There are postings for practically anything, from televisions to antiques.

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No eBay, but a great free app

Particularly user-friendly is OLX. You may quickly list something for sale by taking a picture, adding a description, and selecting a category. With an intuitive structure that makes advantage of the Windows Metro style of tiles and columns, everything is clearly labelled and simple to discover. These large buttons look great and are tough to overlook. Although some people might prefer applications with their own designs since they are more artistic, this is ideal for simplicity of use. When choosing a category, for instance, you simply have a sizable collection of transparent, color-coded tiles for employment, general sales, classes, automobiles, services, real estate, and community. If you need to be more particular, a drop-down menu of subcategories is available.

The ‘My’ part of the programme, where you will find a mailbox, any favourites you have marked, and lists of your advertising, makes it easy to manage your ads and purchases as well. Everything is simple to locate and designed to function in landscape mode.

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Free and simple

OLX is an excellent place to start whether you want to submit a classified ad for free or just want to explore some options that aren’t on eBay. Although there are drawbacks, such the fact that the community is smaller than those of other advertisement applications, it’s frequently a method to uncover a hidden treasure. It’s incredibly simple and a wonderful option for those who are less tech-savvy because you can manage advertising, contact buyers, and respond all from inside the app.

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