The first step in starting a new game with PK XD is to build your own character. The look of this game is vibrant and almost unearthly, and there are many character creation choices. After creating a character, you may begin customising your home’s three rooms and hallway. You may build a fantastic home without using quite a lot of in-game cash because many of the essential elements for your home are free.

As you progress through the game, you may earn cash and purchase clothing, furnishings, accessories, and other special items to completely customise your character and house, which you can change at any time.

r houseYou may go to other players’ homes, interact with them, stroll through the city, shop for food, attend parties, and do a tonne of other things. The majority of PK XD’s gameplay centres on customisation and user involvement, much like in games like Hotel Habbo.

A fun social game with appealing aesthetics and practically limitless potential is called PK XD. Visit there, make a character, and start adventuring!


Play and explore with your friends on PK XD! is a simulation game that allows the user to do a variety of tasks and enjoy side activities. Inside this virtual environment, you may build a new existence for yourself. One may say that the game offers players a straightforward yet equally thrilling method of play. The game has won Editors’ Choice nominations for its gameplay and other distinctive features, which confirms its unquestionable popularity in the app market. It can be mentioned that a large number of participants attended the game and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Players have given the game a lot of favourable comments and given it great acclaim.


The programme is now accessible on Google Play, and installing it is simple thanks to its low configuration requirements. That makes it easier for more individuals to play this game and access it. The game also has features that cater to everyone’s different enjoyment demands. You won’t be able to take your eyes off it until you have a chance to experience it.



Discussing the visuals in 7K XD: Explore and Play with Your Friends! It will be lovely and appropriate for a variety of themes. Everything is charming and player-friendly, from the residences to the activities. Immersing yourself in this game’s environment will make you happier. In addition, this game does a great job of satisfying the needs of individuals who enjoy playing light games for enjoyment.

You can feel at peace when you visit this vibrant planet just once. The visual appeal of a game is one of the factors that influence player choice. Once players have gained some expertise, they will be eager to discover all the game has to offer. Gradually, they will spend a lot of time in this area to unwind and feel at ease.



In 7K XD, you can create your favourite character. Explore and play with your friends! If you so want, you can transform into a zombie, a unicorn, a witch, or even a dragon. All I need is my imagination to conjure up a picture that works for me. One may say that the characters in the game frequently represent different iterations of the player and provide them with various thrilling experiences. By combining the available components in different ways, you may create a variety of sorts. As a result, the development of a character genre is another exciting development for the player. They are free to do as they choose, so occasionally strange and amusing things happen.


The next stage is to play this game and experience everything it has to offer when you’ve finished creating your character. Your first step will be to independently explore this vibrant environment while having fun with the game’s characters. Players are encouraged to discover the game’s secrets as a result of the realistic experience it provides. You won’t believe how much more the game has to offer. You will live a new life in this game with your friends and neighbours. Don’t forget to have a private residence at the same time. With this area, you can arrange the furniture and decorate it however you want. Additionally, you will need to take care of a pet when you are at home.


Along with doing routine tasks, the game also provides you with a variety of minigames to amuse yourself and earn money. Of course, you may spend the money you earn from various activities on anything you like, notably outfits to enhance the beauty of your character. In the simulation game 7K XD-Explore and Play with Your Friends!, players may go on a variety of new experiences and build a new life. It is a vibrant world filled with adorable and amiable creatures. You may create your own environment and get to know other gamers. Remember to make enough money to buy the things you enjoy as well.


Frequent questions

How do I get coins in PK XD?

At PK XD, there are several ways to earn money, like doing daily objectives, working in pizza plazas or juice shops, playing minigames, updating your profile daily, and unlocking surprise boxes.

In PK XD, how can I earn gems?

You may find surprise boxes hidden across the PK XD universe or go through 5 minigames to get free gems in the game. You may purchase gems from the store if you can’t locate any or if you want them more quickly.

What amount of space does PK XD occupy?

Although you’ll definitely need a few more megabytes to download additional stuff, the PK XD APK is around 280 MB in size. This is why you should make sure you have enough room for the whole installation.

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