Safe Exam Browser for PC

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 Safe Exam Browser for PC
Safe Exam Browser for PC

A trustworthy, cost-free, and practical web browser environment is Safe Exam Browser (SEB), which allows for the secure administration of online tests. An ordinary PC is converted into a secure workstation by the educational program. The utility restricts access to a variety of resources, including system operations, access to third-party apps, etc., in order to provide an anti-cheat mechanism. This reduces the possibility of resources being accessed improperly during testing.

Simply put, Educational Development and Technology (LET) and ETH Zurich developed SEB as a training and teaching tool. With the help of this utility tool, you can quickly transform a workstation into a safe testing environment that functions like a web browser.

This program has a significant edge over Respondus, NANO, and BriskBard in the area of education.

A powerful learning management system

A hassle-free web browser environment called Safe Exam Browser makes it possible to securely administer online tests. The software converts a PC into a secure network. Additionally, it controls access to a variety of resources, including websites, system services, third-party programs, and more.

On a local Windows machine, SEB functions without any issues. It establishes a safe connection with a learning management system via an internet connection (LMS).

What are the components of SEB?

 Safe Exam Browser for PC
Safe Exam Browser for PC

The educational software consists of three parts. A kiosk program and a browser interface make up the primary parts. These operate on a computer or a tablet. While the browser component connects to the quiz module on a server through a LAN or the internet, the kiosk app locks the test device.

It’s significant to note that the kiosk program launches the Safe Exam Browser in addition to locking down the computer. The program was created specifically for the system because it had to control several OS functions.

The exam page of the learning management system is shown and loaded by the educational program. It does this by using a pre-determined URL and omitting navigational features like an address bar or search engine field. The Mozilla Gecko engine is currently used by the Windows version of the software, either through XULRunner or Firefox. On iOS and macOS, however, the application makes use of the WebKit engine.

The learning management system’s exam page is displayed and loaded by the educational software. It does this by using a pre-determined URL and omitting navigational features like a search engine field and an address bar. The Mozilla Gecko engine is currently used by either XULRunner or Firefox in the Windows version of the software. On iOS and macOS, on the other hand, the program makes use of the WebKit engine.

An exam can be set up to run exclusively through SEB using this training tool, not using any other web browser. Previously, installing the SEB and LMS extensions individually was required to enable this link. These have been incorporated into the most recent iterations of many learning management systems using the Safe Exam Browser.

What about the configuration?


 Safe Exam Browser for PC
Safe Exam Browser for PC

Safe Exam Browser is the ideal platform for administering safe exams on unattended computers, such as students’ own tablets, PCs, and other devices. On a variety of operating systems, including iOS, macOS, and Windows, the software functions without a hitch. The most recent version of SEB includes a specific configuration for each exam. It is secured using cutting-edge encryption.

The learning management system can confirm that a specific, unaltered SEB version and accurate exam settings are being utilized for assessment with the help of a robust authentication function. This results in safe and impartial online exams, which is important given that so many people are now working or studying from home.

The most recent version of Safe Exam Browser is a unified platform with a number of new features, an exam system interface that has been streamlined, and compatible configuration files. The application guarantees seamless integration across all devices while accounting for various operating system variations.

SEB for Windows

The Safe Exam Browser for Windows has a special kiosk application. The feature launches a standalone Windows desktop when you click it. Additionally, it prevents system instructions like right-clicks on the mouse and keyboard shortcuts. This version’s second component is Firefox, which functions in XUL runtime mode. With a pre-configured start URL, the application connects without a hitch to the learning management system. It’s important to note that the browser in the teaching program lacks a search bar, a URL, and navigation buttons.

SEB for Mac and iOS

The online exam tool for iOS and macOS is offered as a monolithic application, as opposed to the Windows version. Instead of the default browser runtime, it makes use of an internet browser framework. It also makes use of the trustworthy WebKit engine, which is compatible with Safari and other popular open-source web browsers. In addition, SEB for iOS and macOS integrates with learning management systems in the same manner as its Windows counterpart.

The educational program gives teachers the ability to prevent their pupils from using tools and resources while completing an online test or assessment. Students are restricted from utilizing other websites, apps, system tools, search engines, and programs when using this teaching tool. All things considered, the Safe Web Browser is a wise choice for hassle-free online tests and exams.

A good program for conducting online assessments

If you want to administer a secure and safe online test or assessment, Safe Exam Browser is one of the top learning management systems. You can easily control all the operations thanks to the software’s numerous features and exam systems integration. You can also stop unauthorized individuals from accessing tools used for cheating. The Safe Exam Browser (SEB) is an excellent option for Windows PCs overall.

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