Samsung Internet Browser For Android

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Samsung Internet Browser For Android
Samsung Internet Browser For Android

With features like Video Assistant, Dark Mode, Customize menu, Translator extensions, and privacy protection options like Secret mode, Smart Anti-Tracking, and Smart Protection, Samsung Internet gives you the greatest web surfing experience possible.

Samsung Galaxy Watches with Wear OS functionality may access the Samsung Internet. (Later-released Galaxy Watch4 models and series)

■ New Features for you

* Allows you to position the URL bar at the bottom of Fold devices.
On Galaxy Fold smartphones, the URL bar may optionally be positioned lower.

Adopts the “Open links from other apps in Secret Mode”

■ Security & Privacy

* Smart Anti-Tracking

Block storage (cookie) access by intelligently identifying websites with cross-site tracking capabilities.

* Protected Browsing


* Content Blockers

Samsung Internet Browser For Android
Samsung Internet Browser For Android


Utilizing Samsung Internet for Android makes browsing safer and more efficient by enabling third-party applications to offer filters for content filtering.


[Required authorizations]

[Possible permissions]
Used to deliver location-based content requested by the user or location data requested by the currently-accessed webpage
Camera: Used to enable the ability to photograph QR codes and webpages.
a microphone is used on websites to enable recording.
Storage: Applied to files downloaded from websites
Contacts: Add your contacts to the website.

Samsung Internet Browser for Android

The Samsung-created programme has a 61 MB file size overall. It is protected by Samsung’s anti-spam technology and third-party content-blocking filters, making browsing more secure and efficient. Users can create a data sync to use the same customised settings across devices that use the Samsung browser.

This browser has great support for dark mode in its entirety. The browser’s UI can become dark, but it can also change how websites look so that they appear black. Support for dark mode makes late-night browsing easier. The browser can alter how websites look to make them appear dark, in addition to turning the UI of the browser dark.

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