Vault APK for Android


A hidden vault for confidentiality

Vault APK for Android

Vault is a really simple piece of software because its sole purpose is to conceal information on your phone that you don’t want other people to view. The goal is to keep programmes on your phone safe by limiting access to only you, similar to Snapchat’s “my eyes only” portion.

For people who simply want to utilise an app like this for photos and videos, Snapchat’s “my eyes only” function is a great substitute. Both the Gallery Vault and the Secret Calculator Vault offer comparable features.

Keep your files hidden and secure

Vault APK for Android

Behind a password that is unique to each account, Vault keeps your files secure. You must create this password the first time you use Vault and keep it in mind moving forward in order to log in. Users may utilise Vault to store a variety of media, including Facebook messages, contact information, text messages, movies, and images.

The camouflage lock is one of many useful features that premium app customers receive. This includes the option to conceal certain contacts, break-in warnings that notify you when someone tries to use the wrong password to get into the app, and a hidden vault icon mode that entirely hides the program’s icon from view.

Free or premium?

Vault APK for Android

Vault is a simple-to-use programme that explains exactly how to access the different regions. Fortunately for users, choosing which regions to conceal and inputting photographs, movies, and other media are also simple.

Standard functionality, including protecting your data inside the Vault app, is available to free users. They are unable to use the 5 GB private cloud storage space, nor do they have access to any of the above-mentioned user-friendly features. Similar to how a VPN functions, the cloud space encrypts data to ensure that nobody can access it through an assault.

The free functions are enough for the majority of users unless there is a sizable volume of data that has to be sent and safeguarded. A protected external server with a larger data limit will come in very handy in such a situation.

Technical Information about Vault

Vault APK for Android

On Android smartphones running OS 4.4 and higher, Vault is accessible. The Vault software is often updated by the creators, and several new versions are released each month. Additional in-app purchases provide required support and extra capabilities.

Customer service and in-app issues

Every programme has its share of hiccups, but unfortunately for Vault, customers continue to experience persistent issues.

The fact that the app’s main purpose is to safeguard that information makes this specific problem particularly alarming. Users have also reported that after renewing their premium subscriptions, their photos and videos disappeared.

The consensus, however, is that there is either no help at all or useless customer service. Many consumers complain that they never get answers to their questions or that customer service purposefully ignores any requests or negative feedback.

Keep your files secure with caution

Vault APK for Android

Around its basic service of keeping files safe and hidden from prying eyes, Vault offers amazing functionality. The free version is appropriate for most people, even if premium subscribers have access to far more capabilities than free users.

It is difficult to suggest Vault, though, considering the problems customers have reported, from data vanishing to unresponsive or nonexistent customer care. Users have complained that getting refunds for the app is particularly challenging, which makes the situation worse. If you want to use this programme, it is advised that you first try the free version; if you choose to buy the premium version, exercise extreme caution.

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