VN – Video Editor for Android

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VN - Video Editor for Android
VN – Video Editor for Android

VN – Video Editor is a sophisticated video editor for Android that allows you to turn any short clip captured with your device’s camera into a true movie worthy of sharing with others. At first sight, the UI can seem a little intimidating, but it is very easy to use.

To begin editing your movies, you must first pick all of the films and photographs that you intend to use. When you do this, you will be taken to the editor’s timeline, where you can cut, paste, and edit all of the clips to create the desired composition. Here you can also add additional audio tracks, subtitles, and even filters.

The editing options are every bit as good as those in some of the most popular desktop programs. You’ll find settings for speed, special effects, borders, transitions, mirror and zoom effects, and much more towards the bottom of the screen menu. With a couple of taps, you can easily add any of these elements to your creation.


VN – Video Editor is a great video editing program that lets you do more than just merge two clips into one video. You may go a step further with VN – Video Editor and convert your greatest videos into true professionally-edited movies without the usual complexity and trouble.

Frequent questions

VN - Video Editor for Android
VN – Video Editor for Android

Is VN – Video Editor a video editor for beginners?

Yes, it’s a beginner’s video editor. VN – Video Editor allows you to edit videos with stunning effects.

Can you edit videos for free with VN – Video Editor?

Yes, because the app is free, you can edit videos for free with VN-Video Editor. To continue using the app, all you have to do is watch some video adverts.

How big is the VN – Video Editor APK?

The entire size of the VN – Video Editor APK is 157 MB, so you won’t have any trouble installing the software on your Android smartphone because it doesn’t take up much space.

Can you save the videos you edit on VN – Video Editor?

Yes, you may save the videos you modify in VN – Video Editor as well as unfinished projects. Simply choose the format in which you wish to export it.

Does VN – Video Editor put watermarks on the videos?

No, VN-Video Editor doesn’t put watermarks on the videos you generate, so you can export your projects without any modifications to the image.

APK Editor Pro tool is an Android application that lets you do exactly what its name indicates, edit any APK saved to your device. And if you don’t have the APK itself, you can extract it from any app that you have installed. With this, you can choose between two types of editing.

One is FULL EDIT, which lets you rebuild files from an APK and another is SIMPLE EDIT, which lets you replace files inside an APK. The first is a much more complex and strenuous process, while the second type of editing can be done much more easily. If you want, you can use both.

Regardless of which type you choose, you’ll quickly realize that it’s extremely easy to edit any aspect of an APK. You can change an app’s background image, add or remove languages, or even delete permissions. Everything depends on how skilled you are.

How do you get an APK file?

An APK file is an Android package file that contains an application. It is an installation file for Android apps. Before you can install an application on your Android device, you need to install the APK file for that app. Luckily, APK files are not exclusive to Android. You can get APK files of almost any app for your computer and install the apps you want.

Is a legal and safe site to download free Android APKs?

The answer is honestly no. While they are the only ways to install apps, both the play store and unofficial sites can have malware (they are kind of viruses)

The best way to stay safe is to use common sense, don’t look for obviously fake apps (free money, hack wifi, Xray bs), check the rating of the app, check the comments, and always ensure the source of the apk is as safe as possible before deciding to get it from there (assuming you’re looking for stuff outside the play store).

Apk is the name for the Android app executable file. When you click on Install in the Play Store, the apk for the app is downloaded in the background and the app gets installed. When you download an app file from the web, you are downloading the installable file directly with full awareness and you are using it to install the app.

There are too many apk sharing sites, and you never know if the apk for the app is safe. The best way is to download the app from the Google Play store or Amazon store. Also, you need to enable settings to install apps from sources other than the Play store. Check the link below on how to do it.

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