WinZip PDF Pro free download for PC

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 WinZip PDF Pro free download for PC
WinZip PDF Pro free download for PC

WinZip PDF Pro is a robust document management programme that allows you to utilise and edit PDF files with ease. This productivity software, developed by Corel Corporation, is one of the several WinZip solutions available and mostly deals with PDFs.

WinZip PDF Pro, as an all-in-one PDF solution, provides a wide range of features and functionalities that both novice and experienced PDF users may simply utilise. It allows you to open PDF files, modify them, convert them to other formats, and do other things. This programme offers a 7-day free trial as well as a yearly subscription plan for a personal licence.

WinZip’s PDF-centric software

One of these is WinZip PDF Pro, which is the brand’s only PDF programme.

The abundance of capabilities provided makes it a desirable purchase for individuals who frequently work with PDFs. Its key features include the ability to open and extract PDFs; edit and organise PDF pages; merge many files into one PDF, convert PDF files to other file types and vice versa; and even allow comments directly on them.

Great for both beginners and advanced users

 WinZip PDF Pro free download for PC
WinZip PDF Pro free download for PC

Its user interface will include a simple menu. The window is organised into three areas by default: a ribbon bar with the available actions; a middle space for opening and dragging and dropping files; and a bottom bar displaying all recent files. This is the standard Ribbon Mode, but you may switch to Sidebar Mode by clicking on an icon in the upper-right corner.

The top-level actions are further subdivided into two categories: tools and security. There are six functions for managing PDFs under Tools: Read, Comment, Edit, Compress, Convert, and Merge. The conversion feature supports pictures, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and other formats. Sign, Lock, and Unlock are the security functions. The first allows for e-signing, while the subsequent two are for sophisticated document security.

All of these capabilities are available for free during the program’s 7-day trial period. There is a subscription option: an annual licence for one PC. It is cancelable at any moment, and there is a 30-day money-back guarantee. The program’s UI makes it simple to use, although it may benefit from a built-in lesson for individuals who are unfamiliar with PDF tools.

A handy package for all

 WinZip PDF Pro free download for PC
WinZip PDF Pro free download for PC

WinZip 26 Pro is a more complete version than WinZip 26 Standard and includes a number of useful extra features. Examples include:

WinZip® Image Manager: An entirely new way to manage, share, and secure all of your photos. WinZip Secure Backup allows you to establish simple yet robust backup routines. A sophisticated and flexible PDF programme that can do far more than just read PDF files. Create a PDF or basis of any document, or export a PDF to Word or an image file. With military-grade security, you can securely share your files.

Do you want to easily compress and send files? WinZip 26 Pro provides that for you, but it is capable of much more. WinZip 26 Pro supports all the main formats, including Zip, Zipx, RAR, 7z, TAR, GZIP, VHD, XZ, and POSIX TAR. But it does not end there.

It’s really simple to search, open, move, and share files, whether they’re on your computer, the network, or in the cloud. Also, when compressing files, quickly encrypt them to secure information and data. To prevent copying, create read-only PDFs with watermarks. Send huge files using email, cloud services, social media, and instant messaging. Quickly share URLs to your cloud files.

A few Pro functions explained in more detail:

WinZip® Image Manager

In one dedicated app, you can manage, share, and confidently safeguard all of your photographs. Convert formats, rotate photographs, resize and trim them—all without a hitch. With a single right-click in Windows Explorer, you can access all of the functions of the WinZip Image Manager. You can use the increased security features to delete camera metadata, EXIF data, and GPS positions, as well as use lossless compression and bank-level encryption.

WinZip® PDF Express

A multipurpose PDF programme that can do much more than just read PDF files. Create a PDF or basis of any document, or export a PDF to Word or an image file. You can reorder, add, and remove pages as well as simply combine several file formats into a single PDF that you can watermark, secure, and share.

WinZip® Secure Backup

You may have piece of mind knowing that this security programme will protect your most vital data. You can write basic yet effective backup routines. To provide an extra degree of security, keep a copy locally or in the cloud. Your most important files are safe and simple to restore with WinZip.

WinZip® Share Express

With trust and military-grade security, you can share your files. This sophisticated sharing tool is included with all WinZip programmes, allowing you to share, compress, and encrypt files using a simple interface. It’s simple to distribute files to one or more locations, with additional layers of security such as military-grade encryption and the ability to trigger a “time bomb” that renders files unusable after a defined length of time.

But of course WinZip 26 Pro can do much more. Just read on:

More tools to complete more jobs! You gain true insight into WinZip’s outstanding compression, conversion, and file management features thanks to the improved new user interface and modern new icons. Furthermore, the context-sensitive ribbon adjusts to your actions, such as opening and maintaining files, conversions, zipping, and unzipping.

Folder Shared with Me

All of your files in one place! Welcome to the streamlined procedure of finding all the files shared with you by others in one go. WinZip allows you to interact with many clouds, including Google Drive, OneDrive, and many other cloud file storage services, allowing you to communicate with colleagues, friends, and family in a single interface.

Batch conversion capabilities

Converting a file to or from PDF, merging files into one PDF, converting or downsizing images, signing a PDF, or adding a watermark are all possible with this versatile option. Choose the files you wish to change, then the conversion settings you want to use, and you’re done!

Switch seamlessly between Windows Explorer and WinZip

The decision is totally yours! To open a file in WinZip or Windows Explorer, right-click on a folder. You can switch to WinZip with a single click in Explorer and have fast access to WinZip’s powerful file management functions, such as renaming, converting, or encrypting large numbers of files.

Quick access to your most recent contacts

Your most often utilised contacts are now more quickly and efficiently at your disposal. WinZip now allows you to quickly filter your contact list based on the recipients of your most recent email messages. There’s no need to sift through your entire address book!

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